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About Matt

When did your love of surfing start?
Growing up in Sydney – at 14 I started surfing and making my own boards. I’ve been working with polyester and epoxy resin ever since, making and repairing boards and boats for myself, family and friends.

So why did you move to NZ?
Initially to teach – that’s where I met my kiwi wife Debbie. I’ve taught in several HB schools but now I am teaching Technology part time I have time to build the Wind and Waves business.

Whats with the name?
It acknowldeges the Creator and One who commands the elements. When the disciples saw Jesus command a massive storm to be still they were amazed and said “Who is this man the wind and waves obey?”

What was your best…
Barrel? Awatoto, Hawkes Bay, NZ
Biggest wave? 15 foot Near Forster, East Coast, Oz
Surfing Experience? Lakey Peak, Sumbawa,
Biggest regret? None
Biggest Achievement? During a particularly cold HB winter, getting my wife to let me glass a board in the living room. Really … Marrying Debbie!

Favourite pastime? Apart from surfing and sex?....
working in the shaping/glassing shed – looking at a customers damaged board and knowing I have the knowledge and confidence to restore it and make them happy.